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Lahti Aqua at glance

Lahti Aqua is a regional water service company, which provides high quality water services for domestic and industrial use in the Lahti and Hollola region.

Our services cover clean customer services, water supply and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, as well as managing and developing water services as an entity. We provide high quality water service that is safe and cost efficient.

Lahti Aqua Ltd is owned by the city of Lahti. Lahti Aqua Ltd is the parent company for subsidiaries Aqua Service Ltd, Aqua Network Ltd and LABIO Ltd. LABIO Ltd became part of the group on October 1st, 2013. The ownership of LABIO Ltd is divided between Lahti Aqua Ltd owning 60 % and Päijät-Hämeen Jätehuolto Ltd owning 40 % of the company.

Aqua Service Ltd is responsible for clean water supply and wastewater treatment services. It also manages the maintenance of the distribution network and processing facilities in Lahti and Hollola.

Aqua Network Ltd owns the assets of processing facilities and the distribution network in Lahti and is responsible for the related investments.

Lahti Aqua Ltd takes care of the water services as an entity, including its development. It also executes the concern’s administration and customer services.

LABIO Ltd is a Lahti-based modern biogas and composting plant where biodegradable material is processed. The plant is the largest in Finland with its annual biogas production output of 50 Gwh. Over 170 000 tons of biowaste has been processed since its opening in 2015. The high-quality end products are utilized in farming as a growth medium or in specialized technical usage.

Key performance indicators

Net sales M€41,037,237,8
Change from previous year %1,9-1,6-0,5
EBIT M€7,35,28,0
EBIT %17,814,021,3
Return on equity (ROE) %4,54,17,4
Equity ratio %30,928,526,8
Dividents M€0,60,40,2
Personnel (persons)848992